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The next CD is in the works!

Hear Suzanne's latest song "Change Your Heart" written and recorded live as part of The Acoustic Guitar Project, a worldwide songwriting project. This song and 13 other originals will be released on her next CD "In My World."


The Music

CDs can now be purchased directly from this site. You can hear a sample from every track of all 3 CDs at CDBaby.com and iTunes (where you can also purchase the music) and most on-line digital retailers. Hear 10 full songs on Suzanne's MySpace page. More...

Brindamour's latest CD release is the soundtrack for the award winning documentary film Barnstorming. Tracks from her two other singer, songwriter releases have also been used in television and film. "Dear Sevda" from her selt-titled debut CD, was used on a television series that aired on the WB and MTV. "Try" from the You Are Here album was featured in the independent film, "Past Perfect."



Now airing on PBS in cities around the country!

Barnstorming is an award-winning American documentary film, with original music by Suzanne Brindamour, capturing hearts and imaginations around the world. A Boru Television/Glenshaw Creative production, it's the true story of an unexpected friendship that develops between a farm family and two pilots who literally dropped out of the sky. Word of this uplifting and inspiring film has rapidly spread since it debuted in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin at the largest general aviation air show in the world on opening night, July 26, 2009 to a crowd of over 7,000 people. Watch the trailer and see what the buzz is all about. More...

The music of Barnstorming, described by the filmmakers as one of the essential characters in the film, includes 13 lively instrumental tracks, and the evocative song "Fireflies." Brindamour wrote and produced all the tracks and played acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, kalimba, chimes and a straw broom herself. She enlisted contributing musicians to play upright bass, banjo, drums, percussion and ethereal electric guitar. Read more in the press release (Word document).

Find out more and purchase this great film (including a specially priced DVD and soundtrack package) at the Barnstorming website.


Introducing "Troubadour"

A harmonious journey exploring the musical soul of our world

New web series, coming soon, hosted by singer, songwriter Suzanne Brindamour. "Troubadour" takes viewers around the country and the globe to discover, enjoy and share-in the music being made there proving, once and for all, that music is indeed the universal language. More...

Suzanne Brindamour in Troubadour

Suzanne leads viewers down musical streets, into places where you expect to find music: happening nightclubs, grand music halls and back alley venues. She tours cultural historic sites, ventures out to natural settings and even visits private homes to find music in less likely spots.

Watch the series promo (Flash | hi-res mov) and find out the answer to this burning question: can she buy an ice cream cone for a song?

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